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Welcome to The Grapevine!

This is a multi-purpose website for providing information to the people that I know and to the Internet at large. The Grapevine has been up and running for many years now, but I have never made any real changes to it's style until just recently. I like blogging's casual format and have decided to use Blogworks XML as the template. For now on, I'll be making small changes here and there to describe all the things that are available on this site (and there's quite a lot).  Here are the basic functions that this website performs:

You're actually viewing a website that's hosted from a server in my home over a broadband connection. I'm using dynamic DNS in order to have a URL that can follow me to whatever my IP happens to be on any given day. These days, my broadband connection provides around a 500K upload speed, which is more than enough of a download speed for a website that's virtually unknown. If this site becomes popular, then I can consider commercial hosting.

Sky's the limit

The really cool part is that there's no limit to how much content I can host. I just need to be real diligent about keeping my system secure. Check out my entire digital picture collection, they're all available in full size originals. My downloaded program files section is a repository of every useful file I've ever downloaded from the Internet. See where I'm going with this? Everybody who has a broadband connection can do something like this, unfortunately you have to be a bit computer savvy to accomplish it at the moment.

Feel free to browse around and leave some comments in one of the forums or send me a message, I'm always curious to know about who manages to find us out there.