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Arthur Roberts, Senior Software Engineer

Hello, I'm a software engineer with extensive experience in developing applications targeted at the Microsoft Windows operating system platforms.  With an excellent track record in developing quality software on schedule, I would be glad to provide my services for you.  I believe that I would be an excellent match for most any Windows project based on my experience, and I am confident that I can contribute significantly to your objectives.

My latest accomplishment has been the successful delivery of a complex software suite through all phases of the development process.  During the last two product generations, this even included supporting and interacting directly with customers.  When you read my resume, you will see that I have worked as a Software Engineer for many different industries including the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Medical industries.  My abilities as a fast learner and my tireless work ethic allow me to make these industry transitions smoothly.  I think creatively and can bring lessons learned from one industry into the next.

I thrive in the atmosphere of a challenging project, and would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview at your earliest convenience.  We can discuss in depth how my skills can be best utilized in your organization.  You'll find my resume on this website in HTML format as well as in Rich Text and Word format.