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Back up again, at a price

Well, I'm back on broadband again and now serving it up faster than ever before. My new connection supports 768K download rates, if I were to allow it for everyone. Comcast held me to their Fair Use Policy and I needed to keep my servers going, so I upgraded to a business account. It's a quite pricey, but the extra speed is nice. We'll see how long I can hold out paying this much.

It turns out that Comcast doesn't pay someone to hunt around their networks looking for people running servers, they just respond to complaints. Therefore, someone out there must have complained about my website or mail server. Thanks a lot! Now I'm paying 3 times the price for my internet access. I hope you're happy in your revenge on me. I have my own mail server so I can experiment in ways to fight spam, not generate it. I can't help it if someone else sends out spam that has my mail server as the return address. It's just another trick that spammers use to bypass the filters.