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Welcome to Silicon Valley

We just sold our cute little townhouse in Redwood Shores and we're making our move to the heart of Silicon Valley. Housing prices have gone up so much in the last few years that we just had to take advantage and sell. It was a really nice place and I'll miss it, but it's onward and upward now. We'll be living about 3 minutes from where I work, happily watching everyone commute in from all over the bay each workday. The only trouble is that we now join the ranks of renters in Silicon Valley who throw away lots of money each month for a place to live.

A nice side effect of the move is that I had to change my Internet provider from Comcast to AT&T's DSL service. I'm impressed with the new conection, which is almost as fast as my old cable connection at a fraction of the price. I just ran a speed test over at Speakeasy and got 5,137K download and 615K upload. Therefore, the speed of this website is only about 150K slower than with Comcast's Business Internet service. Way to go AT&T!