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The cat is out of the bag

Let it finally be known the real reason for us selling our townhouse in Redwood Shores... we actually wanted to move back to Florida! It's just that I didn't know how long it would take, or how good the outcome would be. Things have worked out very well for us, I found a new job in only two months and we're going to be living in Viera close to where my parents live. I managed to stay in Windows software development work (which I didn't think would happen) for an interesting company called AuthenTec.

There were multiple reasons for us leaving, the most important was to be closer to family now that we have a young child. We didn't have any family out there in California and we didn't like the weather there as much as we do here. So for those of you we left behind, we will miss you and if you find yourself in Florida sometime down the road, be sure to stop on by!