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Long time, no updates

Well, to put it lightly, I have been extremely busy over the last few years! Things have always been moving at great speed within AuthenTec, and I have been busy in my personal life too. Additionally, operating system upgrades to Vista and Windows 7 left my blog completely broken for the longest time. I finally have it all working again, so here's an update.

Unfortunately, it's not good news. AuthenTec merged with it's competitor Upek a few months ago, and we were told at the time a workforce consolidation would take place. AuthenTec has a software group here in Melbourne, FL and Upek has a software group in Prague, Czech Republic. Outsourcing is the trend these days, so our entire software group has now been let go in favor of the group in Prague.

Therefore, I'm in search of work again. I would definitely like to stay in Windows software development work and continue to live here in Melbourne, but that just might not be possible with unemployment where it is these days. So we'll see how it goes.

The AuthenTec Software Group and my LinkedIn profile

In response to the AuthenTec Software team being let go in Melbourne, I have put together an online forum here for the software group to keep in touch with. It's an open forum where former AuthenTec Software employees can communicate, but is not limited to that group. Feel free to post any information there that you would like to share with us.

LinkedIn is also a great tool for maintaining your professional network, as well as an alternative way to present your resume. You can find my resume here. I will work on getting my references together for my job search using LinkedIn. Once they are ready, you should be able to view them here through my LinkedIn profile page.